Pale Blue Dot
- written about 9 years ago

WE always think that our problems are the biggest, worst, most-horrible things that could ever happen to a human being. Almost never have we poked our head out of our computers, TV screens, books, out of our hectic lives to see that really it makes no difference. Whether we as an individual succeed or fail is irrelevant. The Earth Still Revolves. It goes on. The human race (hopefully) survives. Everything that happens in our life can seem insignificant to even the events that we define as “amazing.” Olympians break World Records as Teenagers, Scientists land machines on planets so far away that they are small points of light to us. Yet all these events started, all these events ended, all these events were on this Pale Blue Dot. And even these monumental events are so insignificant and small when it comes to the massiveness of the universe. So where do we fit in? Why are we here? If we inevitably cannot create a change because of just how inconsequential we are, why should we even get out of the bed in the morning? Because, we have potential. Because, WE still can change the world. WE have the Ability to make a difference. We still believe in this potential, even subconsciously; it is the thing that makes us start up that coffee machine in the morning. We can create that difference. We need to try. The worst potential is the one that is wasted. We cannot continue to sit on our asses while we see wars rage, children die and culture slowly fade. We need to stand up and make that change that we have the Potential of making. So get up, send the next rover to mars, break the next world record, stand up for that kid who’s so beaten down that he can’t hold his head up. You have that potential. Its up to us to make that difference, its up to us to care, while we stand on this Pale Blue Dot, insignificant, but brave.

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