I am a teacher
- written about 9 years ago

As I prepare myself for my future profession, I sometimes wonder how the courses I take and the seminars that I attended in college will make me a better music educator. In my opinion, there are many possibilities that come with a music education degree, I have so many interests and goals that I know I will not have the time or the energy to complete. While deciding on how I want to use my music education degree, I know that whatever job I have, I want to reach two goals while in a classroom; I want to teach music to people who will later develop an appreciation and a passion for the arts, as well as to people who would never have the opportunity to have an education in music. ​ When I become a music educator, I want to instill my future students with an appreciation for the arts and music. I believe that through effective teaching and communication with the students, I will be able to provide them with this appreciation. My hope is to have that appreciation continue throughout their lives. Hopefully, they will want to go to orchestra concerts, see a theater production, or any other activity that supports artists and their accomplishments. As a future music educator, I hope that the students whom I teach will make their children participate in music activities, which will continue to provide future music educators, like myself, a job. By providing my future students with a gratitude for music, I hope to keep the education of music alive in schools. ​ As a music education major and Spanish minor, I plan to use my education to teach those that do not normally have an opportunity to learn music. When I first came to Baylor, I had decided that I would be a 5A high school band director, but as I have experienced and been exposed to various programs of all ages, I am currently undecided on what I will teach and whom I will teach. I really want to teach in a school where I know I can make a difference in the lives of the students. I am learning Spanish in case I have to go into a school that has parents and students who cannot speak English. With this knowledge, I know that I will be able to communicate and teach those students who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn. Also, I am curious about learning how to work with children with special needs. I think a teacher who teaches these students is remarkable and they truly can make a difference in the lives of their students. As a person of degenerative hearing, I know how it feels to listen and see music differently. I want to make myself available to all different types of students. That way, I can teach any student no matter what limitations they have whether they are physical, mental, or economical.

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