I Married An Illegal Alien from Mexico
- written about 9 years ago

I married an illegal alien about seven years ago, and it was probably the biggest mistake of my life. Being married to an illegal alien or undocumented person is very difficult. First, there is literally no stability, there is too much stress, and there is no real immediate future in it for the legal person. It is impossible to have any amount of stability while being married to someone who is not legal. They cannot work a steady job, the employers pay them less than anyone else, and they are not paid on time....if paid at all. It will be a constant state of instability for your family. You cannot go on vacation, you cannot make long term plans, and you cannot set long term goals, because the undocumented person literally does not know if they will be able to work from week to week. The stress is literally too much to bare at times. The inconsistency of not knowing what your life will be like from month to month, the fear of deportation, the fear of traffic tickets for things like not having a driver's license or license tags. Many times the undocumented individual handles their stress by drinking, which leads to DUI's and jail time. They have no credit, which means they have to buy cars at places where the interest fees are astronomical. There is no medical insurance for the individual's family, and when they are laid off from work there are no benefits, no workman's compensation, and no unemployment. You see, in my opinion there is no real future in dating or marrying someone who is not a legal citizen. Sure they are hard workers, many are very dedicated to their families, they are committed to raising the children and so forth, but you cannot plan your life from year to year. The only way that a legal person can survive in a relationship such as this is to have really gainful employment. A job that pays enough for the both of you, and if you are a mother with small children in the home this can be most difficult. Well , you could help your illegal spouse apply for legal status you might say. This is costly and it takes years. You also face the risk of being banned from your native country while you wait for your spouse to be approved in Mexico. No. I don't recommend for any person to marry someone who is an illegal alien from Mexico because even though you might have been successful at finding love, you will live through a whole host of other problems that you did not bargain for.

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