I married my best friend
- written about 9 years ago

A chance meeting, as rare as anything... he walked into my world a stranger but the connection was instantaneous and intense. Just one look our eyes met and he touched the deepest reaches of my soul. Never had anyone ever been able to touch me in that way with their eyes alone.... to where the world stopped spinning for an instant, everything vanished, it was just he and I. That was it, from that day forward we saw each other every single day.... 19 years later.... it is just the same, but even more intense. He is my best friend, we laugh together, cry together and even argue together, sometimes just for the fun of it. He is my soul mate...the one intricate piece that was missing from me, that I could not reach nor find... he is that and I am that for him and together we are connected mind, body and spirit for always.

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