I fear for my children's safety
- written about 9 years ago

I fear for my children. Everyday I turn on the T.V. and see some new horror which has occured. Often times, the victims are children. You do the best you can to prepare and protect them from the evils of the world, but how can you when they are so numerous. I think about all the ways in which I, as their parent, need to be proactive in making sure they are safe. Alarm the house. No strangers. No "odd" people in their lives. I don't leave them alone with adults we don't know. I am outside with them when they play. But then I think, I can't do this forever. They go to school. They play on teams. They make new friends who's parents, I don't know well or at all. Can I trust this world? All it takes is one horrible moment and all is gone. A chance at a normal life, or even a life at all. To cope is difficult. I was never a paranoid person until children. I now understand what people say you love something more than yourself. I never worried about my own safety the way I worry about theirs.

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