I smoke weed everyday
- written about 9 years ago

As a young boy the sound of the word "marijuanna" was scary, because I knew it was a 'drug' and drugs are 'bad' right? The older I got the amount of knowledge that I gained on different types of drugs and their effects did not increase, not until I was a Senior in high school, when I was introduced to a completely new world. So going through middle school and almost all of highschool with no prior knowledge of the drug Marijuanna, I had no real opinion on it other than the one my parents had passed down to me, as well as society, and that was to hate it, because it was 'bad'. My group of friends were just as ignorant as I was when it came to the subject, so they too hated it, and it was an unacceptable trait to have as a human, because only bad people do drugs, right? An almost ironic perception, since drugs are created to heal or relieve pain from the body in times of necessity. My ignorance on weed would continue until the beginning of my senior year, when a fight between myself and my bestfriend caused us to part ways as friends. Out of anger and rebellion and lack of caring, I tried smoking marijuanna for the first time with a different group of people that were accustomed to blazing the tree. After taking the 'huge' leap into the world of illegal narcotics (haha) I found out that it was a very insignificant result for such a bad reputation. I mean, marijuanna is known as the 'gateway' drug, but in reality all it did was make me pee my pants laughing, eat a little bit more and sleep a little bit heavier, haha. All those years growing up hearing how something is so bad for you and then trying it and discover that it is actually a wonderful thing to do on occasion, since it proposed no danger to leading my normal life. The negative effects, mostly capital wise, weren't any worse than the also bad habit of drinking alcohol on the weekends at parties. Finally smoking marijuanna opened a whole new perspective on the way the world is wired and what the true intentions of the "important" people in our society today, are all about. I thank the drug for being amazing as well as teaching me to never be ignorant on topics or things that are a part of my daily life.

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