I hate my job
- written about 9 years ago

I've been at my job for 6 months now. Every day I come home either crying or raging mad. It took me over 2 years to find this, and the prospects of finding another are very slim. COME ON ECONOMY!!!! My boss is in his 90's. I took over as office manager when a member of his own family left. I have never in my life been spoken to the way that man speaks to me. He expects me to be a mind reader. He is very inconsistent and gets pissy when I don't know what it is he wants. Apparently the problem is the fact that I do not have a penis. If I had a penis, he would speak to me with a more civil tongue. He constantly compares me to the women he had working here back in the 50's "there were 2 women in this office that kept 4 companies running, and it was a breeze". If you want those women here to run the office, go dig them up and bring them back. I'm sure those women did not have to work in an office that has stacks and piles of paper dating back to the 40's laying around. He wonders why the billing is not getting done. I get everything together, give it to him, and it gets lost. He screams about "getting the system right". We have a system...you just keep forgetting it!!!!! I used to like elderly people.

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