my uncle the soldier
- written about 9 years ago

We all have that one friend, uncle, dad or mom, even brother or sister that have or had join the military I had 2 uncles a step dad a few cousins and a bunch of friends that joined the military. To me the army is passion, love not only for your country but yourself and your family cus if you didn't you wouldn't swear your life away to the government. My uncle left to Iraq 2 years ago after graduating college he was 31 years old really young full of life joy pride he was the coolest motocrossing humble loving dad everything you can think of, when my aunt and him met it was like they were meant to be, he changed my family to the successful family they are today they are so different is so amazing how one soldier can change lives and safe lives i miss him so much he died in Afghanistan last year from suicide bombers. god have him in heaven cus i know he fulfilled his purpose in earth so well he is missed every minute that passes... he changed not only our lives but so many more even a year later amazes me trying to express myself about him all I can say is he was the best uncle in the world .

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